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Palm Oil Margarine

The use of Palm oil in Margarine creates a product called Palm Margarine which is devoid of trans fats, thus offering a better option for those concerned with raising level of cholesterol. The Margarine made of a blend of palm oil and palm stearin proves to have better functional characteristics. For manufacturing margarine palm is being considered as an ideal ingredient. This oil is capable of imparting the texture and solid content which is needed for margarine and no hydrogenation is required for this. Thus a product is produced which does not contain any trans fats. The profile of palm oil makes it a perfect choice to be used in food products like margarine, butter and shortening as a substitute for other oils as it can eliminate trans fatty acid content.

Palm oil which is obtained from the fruit flesh of palm species is bright orange-red in colour in its original form. The high content of carotene gives it the colour. Palm fruit oil has a distinctive flavour and is used commonly in Brazilian and West African cuisine. Palm kernel oil is yellow-white in colour and is derived from the nut of the plant.

The new insight into the crystallisation regime and chemical composition of palm oil has made it quite a lucrative option for manufacturing trans fat free margarine and one of the best substitutes for hydrogenated oils that carry harmful trans fats. While butter has a high content of animal saturated fat and facilitates weight gain, the palm based margarine keeps you away from the risks that trans fats impose on your health. In increasing bad LDL cholesterol levels and in developing heart disease trans fats definitely play a big role.

Margarine came as a better alternative for butter but it was expensive and in short supply too. Although these were formulated with animal fats in the initial stage, most of the margarines of today are made of vegetable oils. The palm margarine products are the latest addition in the field as Palm oil and palm kernel oil is highly suitable for manufacturing margarine of various kinds.

There are several online marketplaces which sell palm margarine of high quality where you can purchase palm margarine at competitive prices directly from the palm margarine suppliers. However, for the palm margarine manufacturers the processing of palm oil comes with one disadvantage that it crystallises rather slowly and the packing process has to go through some difficulty as well.

Palm oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K, beta carotene acids and other essential fat-soluble micronutrients. The high content of antioxidants keeps skin younger looking by protecting the skin cells. And above all being a Trans fat-free there is no risk of increased fatty deposits in your arteries and blood vessels. In many of the stores and online marketplaces palm margarine is readily available at competitive prices. All said and done, it is worth noting that when the whole world is getting inclined to healthier options palm margarine is highly beneficial on health ground.

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